My Music

I’m Farruh, a designer at Selektor Style, and this site is my hobby project featuring my DJ Mixes and Music that i produced. If you like any of these audio sets and want to download some of the mixes or tracks, drop me a line!

My Tracks

“Angel” – Vocals by SleeperSpaceBorn

“Lunar” – Selektor

“Extasy” – Vocals by Addiss

“La Guitarra” – Selektor

“Amaya” – Selektor

“The Sound of Bmore” – Selektor

“Silent” – Selektor

“Tribal” – Selektor

“One Mic” – Selektor Remix

“Room pon di Riddim” – Vocals by Mr.Doll

DJ Mixes

“Tribal Vibes” – Tribal House

“My House” – Vocal/Progressive

“Deep Blue” – Deep House

“Summer Vibe” – Funky House

“Karnab” – Trance/Progressive

“EDM” – House